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Daewoo Group was formed in 1967, the first company in the group was known as Daewoo Industry Company Ltd involved in high-end fabrics.

Since then, they added more companies and in the 80s, were manufacturing Automobiles, Trucks, buses, Consumer Electronics, Domestic Appliances, Earth moving equipment, Container ships, super tankers and more. They have several subsidiaries all over the globe

Today the mother Company earlier known as Daewoo International Corp, which was acquired by POSCO group in 2011, is now known as Posco International Corporation. The revenue of the POSCO group today is around 60 billion US Dollars.

Trin Acumen FZCO (TAFCO), a Dubai based company are the sole and exclusive suppliers of DAEWOO Small Domestic Appliances in the GCC. They get their legal rights from Posco International Corporation.

We Build Everything
That you Needed

We cater to all your home needs, when it comes to cooking which include Chopping, grinding, blending, beverage preparation and more.  We also cater to your comfort at home by helping with post washing routines like ironing, by providing a range of Steam Irons & garment steamers and with our range of fans & air-coolers, we make your home environment comfortable. Finally we provide the best range of Personal Care Items to enhance your looks, which include a range of Hair styling, grooming & other products.



While most small domestic appliances are the same, Daewoo appliances always gives you something extra, may it be in consumer benefit or the intrinsic quality.  All our appliances that house a motor use only copper winding unlike other brands.  Besides, we ensure that all our products are ergonomically designed.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to ensure that the user experience is enhanced & our customers get value for the money they spend buying our products. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage more people to use our appliances by making what they do a pleasure rather than a chore.